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criminal defense Archives

Criminal defense may prove difficult if you lie to police

A 22-year-old college student is said to have recently attended a music festival in another state. While there, police officers visited his home near the University of Alabama campus. His roommate denied their request to enter; they apparently obtained a search warrant and said they found substantial amounts of drugs and cash in the house. Authorities say he promised them he'd return to turn himself in, but he never showed up. Generally speaking, most criminal defense analysts would agree that's not the best way to handle such situations.

Wife of mayor chooses not guilty criminal defense option

News regarding local political figures and their families tends to circulate quickly, especially if a particular incident has something to do with legal trouble. The wife of an Alabama mayor understands what it's like to have your photograph and name published, including details of your personal circumstances. The 51-year-old woman was arrested in January and charged with drunk and reckless driving. In a recent criminal defense move, she entered a not guilty plea in court.

Criminal defense and consent: What's one to do with the other?

Whether on a dark Alabama road at night or in broad daylight in a crowded parking lot, it is rather unnerving to be pulled over by police. The right to a criminal defense is inherent so anyone who has been detained (and, if a police officer has pulled someone over, that person has indeed been detained) may request legal representation. If police start asking questions or request a driver to step out of a vehicle or perform field sobriety tests, etc., the issue of consent has arisen and may be a key factor in the situation should charges later be filed.

Criminal defense may begin when police knock on the door

Many people in Alabama and surrounding regions often wonder what to do if police knock on their doors and ask to come inside and conduct a search. There are laws that govern such matters, and a concerned individual may want to clarify such issues before determining how best to proceed in such circumstances. In fact, one might say that a good criminal defense begins before ever opening the door.

Aggressive criminal defense often equals positive outcome

If you've been charged with a crime in Alabama, you may be worried about your reputation. Preserving your good name among family members and co-workers is undoubtedly important to you at this time. One way to increase your chances of minimizing the negative impact of the situation is to retain aggressive criminal defense representation before proceeding to court.

Fight a minor-in-possession charge with these 3 tips

In Alabama, a person must be 21 to be in possession of alcohol. Even though the age of majority is noted as 19 by law, it simply doesn't apply to minors when alcohol's concerned. If your child is accused of being in possession of alcohol, you'll need to decide on a strong defense to prevent him or her from being convicted. Here are three defense tips that might apply to your case.

Alabama's Unbelievable Burrito/Drug Arrest

The war on drugs has seen heightened penalties for drug offenders nationwide. Alabama is particularly tough on individuals convicted of even minor drug offenses, forcing many to adopt unique methods in an attempt to avoid detection. However, even the most creative of drug schemes may be caught by the watchful eye of local law enforcement personnel.

A plea bargain might be the best criminal defense for you

Statistics show that nearly 90 percent of all criminal cases across the country -- including many here in Alabama -- never go to trial. Instead, prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys negotiate a plea bargain. In many cases, this provides an individual facing serious repercussions with a guaranteed outcome that often involves lesser charges and fewer penalties.

The elements of murder and criminal defense

Many people are confused regarding the use of the terms homicide and murder. The fact is that all murders are homicides, but not all homicides are murders. This is why prosecutors are required to demonstrate that an individual's actions meet the elements of murder as defined by Alabama law before a conviction can be secured. If any reasonable doubt exists regarding whether all of the elements were present in the alleged homicide, then a conviction for murder is not possible. This is just one reason why having criminal defense counsel is vital when someone is accused murder.

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